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The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act:

Key Provisions Impacting the Built Environment

The landmark Inflation Reduction Act offers a unique opportunity for scalability in the building sector. By leveraging the funding this key piece of legislation provides, Legence can implement large-scale projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on the environment while increasing profitability and reducing risk.
With the right guidance, companies can identify innovative solutions to address the impact of climate change and achieve their sustainability goals. 
Leveraging government incentives can maximize your building’s efficiency while hedging against high energy costs for decades to come. At Legence, we understand the importance of scalability in driving long-term success and are committed to turning complexity into clarity, from funding to project execution.
Download our guide, “Money on the Table,” today and learn how critical provisions of IRA can impact the built environment. 
Key opportunities include:
  • Understanding the Funding Mechanisms of the IRA
  • Taking advantage of the $5 billion in funding opportunities in building and construction
  • Strategic insight into renewable energy, electrification, and end-use emissions reductions 

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